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from Tools for Educators lets you make a word search puzzle with text hints or image hints. You must type in the text that you want entered into the puzzle. Just selecting the image will not enter information into the puzzle. (See below for an explanation of why that is.)

You can toggle between text and image hints if you are using the images groupings, but for more options with text only formats it's best to use the text only version.

Hint Type: MONTHS -- IMAGE

Select Image Enter Puzzle Text
Image 1    
Puzzle Text 1:
Image 2    
Puzzle Text 2:
Image 3    
Puzzle Text 3:
Image 4    
Puzzle Text 4:
Image 5    
Puzzle Text 5:
Image 6    
Puzzle Text 6:
Image 7    
Puzzle Text 7:
Image 8    
Puzzle Text 8:
Image 9    
Puzzle Text 9:
Image 10    
Puzzle Text 10:
Image 11    
Puzzle Text 11:
Image 12    
Puzzle Text 12:
Image 13    
Puzzle Text 13:
Image 14    
Puzzle Text 14:
Image 15    
Puzzle Text 15:
Image 16    
Puzzle Text 16:

Puzzle Case:
UPPER CASE   lowercase
Comic Sans   Arial   Times New Roman   Georgia
Grid size:
12 x 12   18 x 15   25 x 15
Hint Type:
Text     Image 

If you don't see the options you are looking for, it might be helpful to return to the main page (word search maker) and select the category that you'd like. You may have entered this page off an old link or bookmark.

If you use text hints, they will be entered below the puzzle just as you typed them. If you want uppercase then you'll need to type them in uppercase.

If you are using image hints, you must still enter the puzzle text. The images for the word search maker are not set to any specific text, so you must enter the text that you'd like to use. I made it that way so the user has more flexibility. You can enter anything you'd like for the text, for example 'eat', 'eating', 'ate' if you wanted to practice different verb forms. This also solves the problem of American English vs. British English. If you'd like 'trousers' instead of 'pants' you can do that. It also means teachers of some other foreign languages can also use the word search generator for their classes as well.

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