Free tools for teaching - printable worksheets, classroom printables and on-line worksheet templates with images

from Tools for Educators. Use these free worksheets to print, game makers, and programs for teachers to make and print teaching resources with pictures or classroom materials for kids. They are simple, but beautiful, versatile and powerful. I hope your students (and you) enjoy the resources.

Free Word Search Maker with images for hints or with text hints. You choose! Generate a free printable wordsearch with pictures and choose the text that goes in the puzzle. You can make a custom word search in seconds, but it looks great.

The Dice Maker: Generate printable dice with images or text on each face of the dice. You can print one or two dice at a time and even mix and match text and images. These are great for foreign language teachers.

Printable Board Games: make board games with images, images mixed with text, or all text. Use the all text version to create printable math board games. There are currently games for over twenty themes but more to come! Two styles and 4 themes to choose from:
Galactic Challenge, Fantasy Park, Cute Animals.

A looping Board Game - a racing theme game. More board games: Bounce Around

Free Crossword Puzzle Maker with images for hints or with text hints. You choose! Generate a free printable crossword with pictures or choose the text only option to create your puzzle. You can make a printable crossword puzzle in seconds, but it looks great. You can even generate a crossword and word search on the same worksheet!

Bingo Board CreatorFree Bingo Board Maker: make bingo boards with images or all text. Use the all text version to create printable math bingo games on-line. There are currently 3x3 bingo boards and 4x4 bingo boards.

Crisscross Bingo is another bingo board creator. It creates bingo boards for use in conversational activities.

Free Maze Maker with content squares to enter text or images in the mazes. Use the text version to create printable math mazes and math games. There are spaces for students to answer questions about the content squares, make sentences, answer math question, or other questions in the content squares.

The Domino Maker: You can make dominoes with text on the left and images on the right. You can print up to 10 per page. Many different

vocabulary categories

to choose from and eventually over 1500 words that match the vocabulary from MES English.

Spelling Worksheet Maker and Reading Sheet Wizard: make spelling worksheets where students select the correct spelling of words or have the students write the correct spelling. There are 3 different reading worksheet makers:

choose the correct spelling, read and choose the picture, read and write

Free Writing, Spelling and Tracing Worksheets: Create spelling practice sheets, free writing worksheets and tracing handouts with images of your choice. Students can write one vocabulary word or a few sentences about the picture. Or create a board where students draw their own picture!

Certificate Templates and Award Certificate Maker

: create awards for over 70 different themes in 1000+ different styles. All text is 100% customizable so you can make certificates for any occasion: formal, sports, school, holidays, cute, cool styles and more.

The Handout Creator: This worksheet program allows you to choose up to 15 images and place text related to that image below the picture. It can handle foreign languages, so French, Spanish, German, Greek, Japanese and teachers of other foreign languages can make vocabulary handouts for their students.

New! - picture dictionary maker: make vocabulary handouts, exercises and homework that students can collect and use to build their own picture dictionaries.

Free Listening Test Worksheet Makers - choose from 5 different styles to create listening worksheets with images. These are great for language teachers. These are placed on another site in the MES Network and also has several different audio files to match each theme. These are available on 123 Listening. I hope your students enjoy them.

More worksheet wizards from Tools for Educators:

Word bank worksheet creator: create worksheets with 9 pictures and a place for students to write in the vocabulary word. At the bottom of the page there is a word bank where students can find the matching words

Spaghetti String Worksheet Generator: create matching worksheets and matching homework sheets students can trace as well

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