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printable dice templates

Free Dice Templates

: Make 2 dice per page, one with images and one with text. Select the images that you'd like to use for the first dice and enter your text for the second dice. Click 'make it' and you're ready to print and go!

Your category is Questionwords. If you need dice with images from a different category, please see the dice template page for all of the options.

Select 6 pictures for your first die:

Picture 1:
Picture 2:
Picture 3:
Picture 4:
Picture 5:
Picture 6:

Enter the text for your second die:

Text Box 1:
Text Box 2:
Text Box 3:
Text Box 4:
Text Box 5:
Text Box 6:
Font Face:  
Comic Sans
Font Size:  

If you are printing on Letter sized paper, you will probably need to adjust your top and bottom margins to print two dice on one page. Another option is to reduce the scale to 90%. The templates should print fine on longer paper sizes, like Legal or A4.

Mix these with different games and different dice for vocabulary practice, ESL games and activities, or any other speech/communication related activity. See the main page, for more ideas.

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